Sunday, December 29, 2013

I'll see you in court! Our Easley-Dunn team is now onto our third game: "Wildstyle Basketball" -- a sports basketball that combines the sweet moves of "Street Vol 2" with a nice card-augmentation system that affects the entire team. 2014 promises to be the year for us, as our fine programming team are putting our our first build of a ground-up rewritten AI system -- both robust and simple.

Feast your eyes on an augmented in-game mockup!

Indie DB site

Easley-Dunn now has a Indie DB site -- we are hoping to keep people abreast of our developments here as well as on our blog here.

Basketball Kickstarter Paused 'till next month

We have paused the Kickstarter for our Wildstyle basketball game, as our new build with full AI is going to come out next month, and we want to show off the game truly in development. Stay tuned for updates of our game as it progresses!